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If you have come to the United Kingdom and you fear returning to your Country, we may be able to assist you to prepare your claim for Asylum in the UK.

Civil Law

Civil law relates to matters and disputes between individuals. We offer confidential, caring and practical advice whether you wish to make or defend a claim.


We are specialists in all aspects of Criminal Law defence and we pride ourselves in providing a professional yet empathetic service to clients involved in the criminal justice system.

Extradition Law

The process of extradition from the UK can happen very quickly. Our specialist extradition solicitors can bring calm to a stressful situation by knowing the best steps to take.

Family Law

We are specialists in Family Law and provide a professional yet empathetic service to clients involved in Family Law disputes.


We take a hands-on individual approach to every case, guiding and supporting you through the entire process from Initial instructions to Home Office and/or Court decision.


An inquest is a legal investigation to establish the circumstances surrounding a person’s death, including how, when and why the death occurred.

International Law

International Law refers to the many and varied laws, rules and customs which govern, impact and deal with the legal interactions between different nations.


Our Mediators are trained to help resolve disputes over issues faced by separating families, couples, or specific issues such as arrangements for any children and other areas.

Motoring Law

This area of Law that can have a profound effect on our everyday life. Our Specialist Motoring defence team are ready to advise and represent you on ALL aspects of Motoring Law.

Proceeds of Crime

The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) can have a significant impact. Our specialist Solicitors have extensive knowledge in this area of Law.

Wills & Probate

Making a will is vital to make sure your wishes will be met after you die. Our specialists can assist you in the area of Wills and Probate.


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