The need for quality advice when organizing your legal and financial affairs when making a Will is vital to ensure that your wishes are carried out exactly as you intended and we are here to advise and assist you every step of the way.

The desire to leave an inheritance and to ensure that it is administered according to your wishes means that planning for the future is increasingly important.

Planning and writing a Will and ensuring that it remains in a safe place until it is read, will avoid any potential for upset and frustration for your family and those that will inherit from your Will.

So whether you wish to appoint a guardian for a young child or a vulnerable dependent adult, ensure your funeral arrangements are carried out according to your wishes or even ensure that your pets are cared according to your wishes, then making a Will now is the right thing to do.



In terms of the advice and assistance that we can give you in relation to your Probate matters,  whether you are an Executor to a Will or the closest blood-relative of someone who has died, we can provide help to deal with their estate.

You may have to arrange the funeral, go through personal papers to find out what assets and debts there may be, apply to the Probate Registry and deal with beneficiaries and other family members. Being a Personal Representative of an estate can be an onerous task. We can help by advising you what to do and even deal with the entire estate on your behalf.

With more and more people owning property or other assets abroad it is becoming increasingly likely that at some stage a family member or loved one may have to deal with the administration of an estate involving assets located oversees, this can make an already stressful time even worse.

We also act for those involved in business and have experience in dealing with complex succession and Inheritance Tax issues.

Time limits apply. So if you are considering making a claim you should not delay you should call us today.

To assist you with this, we have an experienced team of specialists who can advise and assist you in all matters relating to Wills and Estate Administration, as well as Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection issues.

We offer a fixed fee service with no hidden extras so with our help, your Wills and Probate and other legal matters can be planned and agreed at the outset.